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Two years after Anzaldúa’s untimely death, the Society was born to provide a space for students, scholars and community to come together to continue with Anzaldúa’s vision and passion. In 2007, the WSI became the SSGA’s academic home. Since 2009, every 18 months, in November and in May, the SSGA and WSI as co-sponsors of the conference host El Mundo Zurdo with the hope that you enjoy celebrating the life and work of one of our Tejana sisters, whose words have touched the world.

The world has changed in the years since we established the SSGA: our community resists the vicious attacks on Ethnic Studies and on Latin@ culture and literature, through such as the legal actions in Arizona and other states. We yearn for the transformation of our society and of our world so that indeed no one will die, no one will suffer, no one will be considered less because of the color of her/his skin, sexuality, language, culture, or place of origin. So, we continue our work remembering Anzaldúa’s dictum to do work that matters. We create El Mundo Zurdo 2012 in response to the current climate in our country and in the world, bringing together scholars, artists, performers, community activists and students to share their vision of transformative social action.

El Mundo Zurdo 2013 is a testament to the interest and commitment of many people, and we want to acknowledge all who have labored to make it happen. Without the scholars and students whose continued engagement with Anzaldúa’s work energizes and gives SSGA life, without the community’s desire to remember and keep Anzaldúa’s life and work at the center of much needed work for social change, SSGA would not exist. El Mundo Zurdo would not exist.

The Organizing Committee: Norma Alarcón, Norma E. Cantú, Antonia Castañeda, Anel I. Flores, Christina Gutiérrez, Larissa Mercado-López, Carolyn Motley, Elvia Niebla, Elsa C. Ruiz, Sonia Saldívar-Hull, Rita Urquijo-Ruiz

8 thoughts on “About the SSGA

  1. I am teacher trainer of pre-service English teachers and a graduate student at Bar Ilan University in Israel doing research on Gloria Anzaldua. I understand that there may be a SSGA conference this fall. I am interested in getting updates about the conference. Is there a mailing list I can sign up on? Thanks for any info you can give me.

    • We will add you to the mailing list. The conf is scheduled for the first week of November and the deadline for submitting a proposal is this coming week.


  2. I have just met Paola Bacchetta and she told me about your conference.I would really participate to the next one. For several years I have been studying and speaking about Borderlands/Lafrontera and I am going to organise a simposyum in France About Gloria Anzaldùa works in 2018.

  3. Buenos días, mi nombre es Ingrid Rodríguez, vivo en Colombia y me agradaría mucho poder obtener actualizaciones de las actividades que ustedes realizan, pues quisiera poder difundir mucho más la obra de Gloria Anzaldúa en mi país.
    Podrían agregarme a la lista de correos?

    Mil gracias

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